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Talking with Thompson Square

May 30, 2021

Space force’s 4 Star General Jay Raymond and International Space Station Astronaut Nick Hague join us for an amazing conversation about Space Force and what it all means. They talk about a million things you probably don’t know about space but need to in order to better understand why we need these brave people...

May 12, 2021

Tonight’s topics:
Mothers Day
Travis Tritt
T2 pays tribute to the late Keith Whitney
Upcoming Shows
Recent show in Cali and how great it was to see people again.
The importance of the diner table
And what our prom’s were like

May 5, 2021

Tonight’s Hot Topics:

House Renovations
Cooper smashing his mouth singing on basement stage.
“The Bee’s are eating our house”.
Guest singer covering T2.
What did you do today?
Shawna’s pressure washing obsession.
Keifer and Shawna pay tribute to George Jones’ on the anniversary of his passing.

Apr 14, 2021

Tonight with talk with country music star Lindsay Ell about how she’s dealt with concerts being shut down, being alone, being a “girl” guitar player and how she’d like to have a love in her life that didn’t involve having 4 legs and fur. We talk about her new music and working with music producing legend Dan...

Mar 11, 2021

Today we talk with CMT Hot 20 host Katie Cook and renowned session guitar player Adam Shoenfeld. We cover the ups and downs of the biz, how they got where they are, strange personal paranormal experiences and they also grace us with an acoustic live performance from their new self titled release, SunKat.